Financial Well-Being through AI and Personalization

Our mission

To help people achieve financial well-being through AI and personalization

We go out of our way to deliver WOW experience

Insurance Powered by AI, Personalization, Value-added Service and Big Heart

Customized product powered by AI

We use sophisticated AI technology to customize products to meet your specific financial needs.

Personalized advice from advisor

One-on-one conversation with our licensed insurance agent who are trained to provide advice based on your unique situation

Value-added service from partners

Each member not only enjoys our insurance products, s/he also receives a free box of blueberry upon sign-up (yes you heard it right).

Donation to charity of member's choice

We will donate 5% of each member’s annual commission to a charity of our member’s choice.

How Donation Works

At the end of every year Blueberry donates 5% of its annual commission to a charity voted by our customers* We are a public benefit B corporation. This means that we are legally mandated to consider the interests of all our constituents, not solely the interests of our owners, in operating our business

*Subject to board approval and company's financial situation. *